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King Otto of Bavaria

W, otherwise known to her friends as the little-known authoress Wilson Korges, will be embarking for Bavaria, Germany this Friday.
She will be on an eleven day tour of the castles of Ludwig II, the surrounding lakes therein, and notable villages and churches throughout this blessed state.
She will be here-through-out documenting (on her blog as much of her trip as she finds possible, so you may soon, as followers, be in possession of
- ill-lighted, clumsy, and possibly incoherent vlogs
- pictures of every meal eaten
- obnoxious gpoys with castles in them
- video of the surrounding area with distant joyous sobbing in the background
- lectures about how wonderful and tragic the life of this long-dead monarch and those of all who lived to know him is
and much much more.
These will be tagged ludwig and wilson so that any obnoxious flooding of your dashboards will be held at a minimum if for any reason unwelcome.
You will also be hearing some of my cruddy German and seeing more of my face than you probably care to. Fair warning

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Documentary on King Otto I of Bavaria- Ludwig II’s brother (in German) 



Otto’s Theme from the new Ludwig II film


Otto of Bavaria’s Handwriting
- the first segment is a list of gift ideas Otto made in his childhood for his Mother and brother Ludwig
- the second is a letter written later


Prinz Otto


Your brother loves you. Your brother loves you. Your brother loves you.
You are sitting out in Nymphenberg’s park after hours of hide-and-go seek, after hours of scrabbling around statues of warrior women bare-breasted and ancient dead gods of the sea and open paths and slender trees- as slender…

"In contrast with his brother Ludwig, Otto was interested in the military and the hunt; however, he shared with Louis’ passion for riding and fishing. His relationship with his brother was very good, even if he had been taught from an early age that Ludwig ranked above him, and that he should stand when Ludwig stood and always look up to him, which Otto did not always accept. This made things not always easy, but Ludwig would always take over his position again as Crown Prince." 

 [In: Scharrer-Schauenberg: Twenty years on Bavarian throne.]

"The prince was inclined to be more like his mother, but had also inherited much from his father, possessing a capacity for gentleness, humility, kindness, courtesy, and affability that made him the darling of the whole court. He had a heart of gold, a rare rich and open mind, a strong character, and a noble sense of justice, which caused him to be undeterred by others. Since he did everything with great diligence and a rare thoughtfulness, he was portrayed by the elders of his time and other educators as a role model for others to follow." 

[In: Scharrer-Schauenberg: Twenty years on Bavarian throne.]

Otto in uniform.

This is a historical blog dedicated to King Otto of Bavaria.

My name is Wilson, and I run this blog. Please feel free to submit anything Otto related you can find to the ask, as anything about Otto is hard to come by. This is a compilation of what I can find. You can reach me in the ask or at (my public blog) or (my private blog)
Thank you!

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